All start at this level which is open to organisations who have either been in business as a TPI (Third Party  Intermediary), or individuals  who now operate an  organisation but have worked as a TPI in the energy industry for another organisation. 



Are those who have been associate members for at least three months and wish to progress to an accreditation level. Only fully accredited members are allowed to use the UIA Boatmark and are listed on the UIA website.

Ancillary Membership

For those organisations or individuals who are not operating as a Third Party Intermediary in the energy markets but who have complimentary products and  are otherwise interested in the business of UIA.

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Benefits of joining the UIA.

In a hugely competitive market,  reputation is everything and engendering trust vital. Being signed to the UIA Code will not only give your clients confidence in using your services, but also set you apart from the competition.

There are several codes of practice in the marketplace, but unlike others, the UIA Code operates independently from energy suppliers and water retailers; applies to the whole business sector and provides the consumer with an independent redress scheme.

As a Trade Body that represents Brokers and Consultants, the UIA robustly and fairly represents the collective views of its members and strives to obtain the best possible outcome from such representation. We ensure that the views of our members receive full recognition, by engaging with government, regulatory bodies and consumer groups. In addition, we will investigate and report on areas of wrongdoing outside of the membership where there is sufficient evidence to warrant it.

With the utilities sector and energy in particular, undergoing significant and rapid change, TPI’s must continually adapt and evolve.  Filtering through the plethora of information available to keep up to speed with the latest regulatory and industry developments is a huge undertaking that often requires specialist knowledge.

The UIA supports its members by providing regular industry and regulatory updates with more detailed guidance and support where more in-depth analysis is required.  In addition, UIA members have access to an extensive pool of industry know-how via the membership and the Board of Directors.  With free access to UIA events, members have access to TPI-centric programmes involving industry stakeholders which also facilitate greater engagement and networking opportunities both with industry stakeholders and other TPIs.

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